The Iowa Startup and Entrepreneur’s Calendar is the complete view of what is going on in the entrepreneurial and Startup scene in Iowa. Anyone is welcome to link to the calendar using the image below.  You are also welcome to submit an event for the calendar.

There are actually many calendars in this system.  The main calendar is the statewide calendar and contains all of the events.  Clicking on the pull down menu for the main calendar will display a list of all of the calendars available.

If you or your group would like to have a calendar in the system please let us know by sending an email to  There is no fee for the use of the calendar.   You will note that the sponsor logo will appear on all calendars viewed by the public.   Thank you to Startup Launchpad and the Davis Brown Law Firm.

Please note that there are 6 event types available.  Each of these types is represented on the main calendar by a separate color:

Awards – Yellow
Conference – Green
Education – Teal
Government – Pink
Holiday – none
Networking – Orange

There is a complete user manual and tutorial videos available at:

If you would like to integrate your calendar or any of the state or region calendars directly into your website, you can contact Tej Dhawan at Startup City Des Moines.

Make sure you let others know about the calendars!  And make sure you give a big Thank You to Startup Launchpad by Davis Brown Law!